10 Easy Ways to kill learning in your Classroom


Within the teaching profession, there are a few tried and tested techniques that are absolutely guaranteed to kill learning in the classroom.

Some teachers have honed these skills for years down to a fine art, so I hope they don’t mind me sharing them with you. 😉

So teachers, here are 10 ways to kill any hope of learning in your classroom.

  1. ‘Teaching’ by handouts.
  2. Being unprepared for your lessons.
  3. Exuding a complete lack of effort and indifference to your job.
  4. Displaying an obvious disinterest in the subject matter.
  5. Getting involved in power struggles.
  6. Allowing behaviour chaos to reign in your classroom.
  7. Pretending/Bluffing/Lying to the students.
  8. Giving away the answers/Spoon-feeding them.
  9. Stifle discussion and Socratic approaches.
  10. Using sarcasm or any other put-downs.

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