10 Top Tips for Becoming an Organised Teacher – Part 3 of 3


10 Top Tips for Becoming an Organised Teacher

Part 3 of 3

In this final post in our three part series, we will conclude with three pieces of advice that you can start implementing today, whilst you take a little more time to develop and practice my previous advice on having a system to get organised, and working with others, as you become more efficient and effective with your time. So, without further elaboration, here they are…

8. Prioritise your work. This is very important. When you start implementing a system to which I have referred above, this will become natural. But even before you have harnessed that work-tool, it’s quite clear that you will have to work out what things have to be completed first, before others get your attention. For example, by doing a quick brainstorm, you find that you have 10 things pressing for your time. Start ordering these items into must-do-know items to can-leave-for-a-while jobs.

For example, your reports are due tomorrow and you have to get back to a colleague about ideas for fundraising next semester: you see what I mean? Sometimes this stuff is quite easy to do – we just don’t plan it out in a system – and we end up all over the place, missing deadlines, working till three in the morning, when yesterday we went home to the TV at 4pm. Prioritise!

9. Don’t procrastinate! We all suffer from this deadly disease. Putting things off, really just delays the inevitable. What about marking those essays that you have been carrying about in your bag, untouched, for three weeks? You know it’s there but you can’t just bring yourself to do it. I mean there’s always something better to do right? Well no. Procrastinating only increases stress and anxiety. In the end you have to do it anyway, so just do it! If you seem to struggle in this area, I highly recommend Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog

10. Get to bed early – Get up early. Okay so I might seem to be going off track here, but I don’t know anyone who can be authentically organised when they have not had enough rest. But it’s more than that. Early morning time – that quiet time – is where the creative work takes place; the planning, the organising, the reading, the exercise. But you won’t get out of your bed if your body is drained and still fatigued, so get those 8 hours of sleep and go to bed at 9 if you want to be up at 5. You will be amazed at what you begin to achieve when you adopt this habit.

To Conclude

Becoming organised is a process that usually doesn’t happen overnight. Systems have to be tried, used, tweaked, discarded before you find the one that works for you. Learning to be self confident enough not to volunteer for everything or to say ‘no’ to those inevitable requests for your time, take time to becoming habitual. However the success is in the first step.

Making a promise to yourself that you want to become more organised and taking one action to do so, is the thing that matters. Once you have taken that step, then the next step is easier. Your life will become drastically different in lots of areas, just because of the knock on effects that materialise. So, make the move, get organised and let me know how you get on!

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