5 Reasons Why Good Catholic Teachers are Indispensable to Catholic Schools


It goes without saying that Catholic schools should be staffed with practising Catholic Teachers, right? Catholic schools and Catholic teachers go hand in hand, it’s obvious.

But why is this important? It’s worth a quick reminder, why good Catholic Teachers are a vital ingredient in the Catholic formation of the students before them.

Reading the documents of the Church on education is an instructive activity and Catholic Teachers should familiarise themselves with them as a reminder of their great role in the life of the Catholic Church…
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Saint of the Day: St. Rose of Lima


St Rose of Lima


This lovely flower of sanctity, the first canonised Saint of the New World, was born at Lima in 1586. She was christened Isabel, but the beauty of her infant face earned for her the title of Rose, which she ever after bore.

As a child, while still in the cradle, her silence under a painful surgical operation proved the thirst for suffering already consuming her heart. At an early age she took service to support her impoverished parents, and worked for them day and night. Continue reading “Saint of the Day: St. Rose of Lima”

Saint of the Day: St Augustine of Hippo – August 28th


St Augustine of Hippo

Bishop, Confessor and Doctor


St. Augustine was born in 354, at Tagaste in Africa. He was brought up in the Christian faith, but without receiving baptism. An ambitious school-boy of brilliant talents and violent passions, he early lost both his faith and his innocence. He persisted in his irregular life until he was thirty-two.

Being then at Milan professing rhetoric, he tells us that the faith of his childhood had regained possession of his intellect, but that he could not as yet resolve to break the chains of evil habit. Continue reading “Saint of the Day: St Augustine of Hippo – August 28th”

The Weekend Recap



Looking through the past week, I was pleased to be able to offer some variety in the articles that I have posted on the blog.

We are always looking for some new ideas or angles to enhance our practice, so I hope the topic on planning and the other on getting organised, helped you in some way to think about how go about your business.

It was a bit of fun writing an anecdote on timely feedback on student assessment. Stories have the power to paint the most illustrative of pictures. Continue reading “The Weekend Recap”

Book Review: Teacher and Teaching

teacher and teaching

Teacher and Teaching by Fr. Richard Tierney, S.J.

What books truly take a Catholic perspective on education?

What books, breakdown in detail, the Christian qualities that a teachers must strive to possess in order to fulfil their duties?

Well, by chance I came across upon an article by Fr. Richard Tierney, S.J. in an old edition of The Sacred Heart Review I was browsing, dated September 19th, 1914. The title caught my eye: Continue reading “Book Review: Teacher and Teaching”

Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote


Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote

So year 10, if you put down your work and give me your attention, thanks.”

I had their attention. They knew their assignment marks were due back to them as I had given them prior notice of a reasonable marking turnaround.

Okay, so I will come around the class handing the assignments face down to you. I have made comments on all your papers, which are there to help you understand your marks and how to improve your score next time. Continue reading “Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote”