Fr. Edward Leen CSSP: What is Education?


I was pouring over some old notes I had taken at a professional development event a while back. I find it’s worthwhile exercise to review notes from past conferences, as I almost always get something out of it.

This particular conference utilised the writings of Fr. Edward Leen of The Holy Ghost Fathers. I have broken this up into three parts which I will post this week. I hope you too will find something of interest here… Continue reading “Fr. Edward Leen CSSP: What is Education?”

Reading to your Students about the Spiritual Life


In Fr. Faber’s Spiritual Conferences, he mentions the importance of reading for building up the spiritual life.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just take 5 minutes of our lessons to pick up the Lives of the Saints to concentrate our minds towards God? Primary School teachers are much better than this than High School Teachers in my experience.

How many minutes, hours, days, accumulated over an academic year, have we frittered away on talking about the weather or the big game at the weekend, when we might have stolen a moment at those times to lift up Butler’s Lives? Continue reading “Reading to your Students about the Spiritual Life”