Book Review: Fabiola by Cardinal Wiseman

In writing Fabiola (or Church of the Catacombs), Cardinal Wiseman recalls the memory of one of the cruelest persecutions in the history of the Church with accounts from the lives and heroic martyrdoms of such glorious saints as Agnes, Sebastian, Pancratius and others.

To these early Church Christians it was not a question of “What am I obliged to do to save my soul?” but rather, Continue reading “Book Review: Fabiola by Cardinal Wiseman”

Book Review: Grisly Grisell by Charlotte Yonge

This captivating tale situated in 15th century England is the story of a young girl’s perseverance and victory in virtue.

The Wars of the Roses play an important role in the plot of the story. The family of Grisell Dacre of Whitburn is devoted to the white rose (House of York); while the family of the man to whom she is betrothed supports the red rose (House of Lancaster). Continue reading “Book Review: Grisly Grisell by Charlotte Yonge”