32 ways to build a Catholic Character in your students

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32 ways to build a Catholic Character in your students

The Catholic Book of Character & Success by Fr Garesche S.J. is one excellent Catholic Resource that I intend to review in the near future. However the chapter titles, being so informative in themselves, are worth a share right now…

  1. Recognise daily opportunities for success
  2. Strive for lasting success
  3. Choose what will improve your character
  4. Persevere in noble pursuits
  5. Develop your mind through study
  6. Learn from your mistakes and failures
  7. See and imitate the good in others
  8. Develop good habits
  9. Let prudence guide your decisions
  10. Practice justice in all its forms
  11. Be temperate
  12. Develop fortitude
  13. Choose happiness over pleasure
  14. Learn to do without non-essentials
  15. Be pleasant in your demeanour and in your actions
  16. Develop your power of observation
  17. Be yourself
  18. Discipline your imagination
  19. Strengthen your will
  20. Let reason guide you
  21. Choose worthwhile amusements
  22. Take care of your body
  23. Maintain a healthy mind
  24. Think kindly of others
  25. Resist temptations
  26. Gain mastery over yourself
  27. Distinguish between true good and false good
  28. Do not fear what others think
  29. Use criticism prudently
  30. Rely on your will, not on your feelings
  31. Have confidence in yourself
  32. Build a noble character

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