A simple dress code for Teachers

A simple dress code for Teachers

In a previous role, I had the job of visiting principals and teachers in different schools. This gave me an insight, across a wide geographical area, into how teachers dress at work. I think I have seen every imaginable outfit and every imaginable blend of colour that I think is possible.

As teachers generally don’t wear a standard uniform, their working outfits are often their own choice. Regardless of what one wears, teachers should always remember that the clothes they wear should reflect the job they do and the status of that job. Ask any teacher if they want to be treated as a professional and they will answer in the affirmative.

With that in mind, let’s look at some no-brainers for teaching and clothing…

  • Dress conservatively. For men, shirt, tie and trousers should be standard. Women similarly should dress in a skirt and blouse. Certainly your dress should reflect the important status of your job. Specialisation demands unique outfits, but the conservative element remains true. Climatic conditions may mean doffing the tie or donning the sweater, but the general rule applies.                                                                                                         
  • Dress modestly. Your clients are normally children. Teachers should not attract any unwanted attention by inappropriately cut clothing.                                
  • Dress hygienically. Whatever you’re wearing, wear it clean and laundered.             
  • And don’t forget your footwear. Black or brown polished shoes for gentlemen and smart shoes for women should be the norm. I have stared in disbelief in schools I have worked where teachers have turned up to work in flip-flops! Socks should also be conservative as should tights for women; enough said!

Okay, now all of that might sound a little bit didactic, but if you want to be taken seriously by your colleagues and the school community at large, then these outward elements sends out a clear message of who you are and how important your job is to you.

Dressing professionally and conservatively will attract nothing but praise and respect from students, parents and your colleagues.

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