Book Lists for finding Teaching Material

On several previous posts we have explored the appropriateness of the reading material we bring into the classroom.

There are various ways of discerning good content that is suitable for using with your students.

Word of mouth from a trusted colleague is one way.

Book lists are another source of material to filter down to make selections.

I like lists. They educate me on books that may be of interest to me in whatever field I happening to be looking into.

Like any list, great caution must be employed before selecting worthy material for your classroom.

Some lists are determined solely on a secular yardstick of what has proven to be worthy through the years.

Others take a general Christian perspective.

Others a much more selective Catholic worldview.

The following three lists are educational in themselves and I have presented them in order of employing least caution to most caution. Happy reading.

Good Books for Children by Edocere website.

The Thousand Good Books by John Senior

Great Books of the Western World by Mortimer Adler Protection Status

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