Building Catholic Character in Students: Be Yourself

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Seventeen: Be Yourself.

  • God has made us all different and it is our differences that makes us interesting.
  • The greatest benefactors and geniuses who came before us have bravely excelled in their differences from their fellow men, without fear.
  • You may remain hidden from public attention but you have a social circle that depend on you to some degree for help or cheer.
  • Cultivating your differences will help your group. Our notable and interesting quirks will be lost if we try to blend in or clone ourselves in imitation of others.
  • It is refreshing to come across interesting characters. They are interesting by their individuality.
  • Brush off your own individual characteristics and let not timidity dampen your uniqueness and talents.
  • Following the crowds in fashion is clothing, tastes, opinions makes a man humdrum and boring.
  • This unfortunate monotony makes interesting people and places premium.
  • Those who are different, interesting, unique will always attract new friends and opportunities because of that tendency.
  • Organisations who surround their leaders with sycophantic and or humdrum middle managers limit or even damage themselves: there is always room at the top for integrity and diversity.
  • Cultivate your positive individual differences and be yourself.
  • God made you as you are and by being attentive to your uniqueness you will soon find yourself an opportunity that you are especially qualified to fill. button Protection Status

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