Building Catholic Character in Students: Build a Noble Character

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Thirty-Two: Build a noble character.

  • Of all human achievements, the attainment of a noble character stands out as an excellence example of purpose.
  • A man can remake his character when he wills it, correcting evils and building virtue, even from the lowest base.
  • Character is a life long goal of perseverance, determination, observation and resilience, but one any man can achieve.
  • Like the sculptor or painter, a man must use his natural material to shape a noble being, through the pursuit of mastering his habits, impulses and intelligence.
  • Every moment of every day we make conscious decisions which adds or subtracts from our goodness.
  • We are constantly changing for better or worse and every act influences and strengthens the virtues or vices we exhibit.
  • Like an athlete wishing to build an upright noble body through exercise, a man must exercise deliberately, actions that are good and worthwhile to attain a noble character.
  • A noble body however will sooner or later turn to dust, whilst the noble spirit is immortal and will be your reward through the ages to come.
  • The man who takes up the challenge to build a noble character, step by step, through his whole natural life, will attain the greatest successes and be a light to those around him for generations to come. button Protection Status

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