Building Catholic Character in Students: Choose what will improve your Character.

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Three: Choose what will improve your character.

  • A man influences others.  
  • Knowledge is important but character and principle are needed more.
  • Some with great knowledge have gone down in ignominy, whilst others have little knowledge but risen to the top due to great character.
  • According to your character you will influence others.
  • Character is formed of natural tendencies, habits and the environment.
  • You can change your character for better or worse by continual improvement or degradation with repeated acts of good or evil.  
  • Every deed you do brings its reward or punishment, shaping your character.  
  • Repeated acts of goods can form a natural tendency towards goodness.
  • Identify your weak tendencies and form opposite habits.  
  • If you are naturally inclined to be selfish, form everyday act of generosity.
  • Over time your natural inclination to evil will weaken and disappear.
  • This requires great will as natural tendencies can be difficult to overcome.
  • But no one is perfect by nature.
  • Noble characters are formed by repeated acts of virtue.
  • Our environment such as our associates and our books, work powerfully to shape and influence our character.
  • Noble associates make you noble.
  • Noble amusements make you noble.
  • Noble books make you noble.
  • And the opposite is true in all of these examples.
  • You must use your will to follow and choose the virtuous as the base elements of your character will continually attempt to drag you down.
  • But the sacrifice is worthwhile.
  • The choice of truly yours.
  • A fine character is formed by continual acts of effort, self discipline and self-sacrifice.
  • Read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
  • It is a fine example of character formation.
  • His success was due to his efforts and is proof the system works.
  • Success is self discipline and self control. button Protection Status

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