Building Catholic Character in Students: Choose Worthwhile Amusements

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-One: Choose Worthwhile Amusements.

  • The youth are often imprudent in choosing amusements.
  • Today, amusements are viewed as needs not wants.
  • Perhaps the strains of modern life demand systematic relaxation.
  • But choosing the correct amusement makes all the difference.
  • Amusements are either elevating, indifferent or degrading.
  • Some amusements make one tense; others relaxed.
  • Some offer knowledge, cheerfulness and sanity, whilst others offer nothing but distortion and warped notions of the world.
  • Amusements can be free, inexpensive or sometimes a waste of money.
  • They can affect health and fitness to both body and mind.
  • Simple reflection will allow you to classify your own amusements into the positive, neutral or negative types.
  • Having reflected, go further and consider why you follow that amusement.
  • Are you following the crowd or some individual; are your tastes cheap or tasteful?
  • A man can often be soundly recognised by the amusements he follows.
  • Your amusements not only indicate your character but they help to shape it.
  • When you watch movies, plays or read a lot be on your guard for hidden pernicious propaganda embedded in the medium.
  • It is important that one scrutinises their amusements with a moral yardstick.
  • Seek out the enlightening and elevating amusements of art and refined music.
  • Make yourself knowledgeable and educated through the most cultured of books.
  • Many of these amusements are now freely available to all classes of men and women.
  • Amusements such as walking and rambling, often with a congenial friend, remind us of the beauty and wonder of God’s creation.
  • So reflect on what you do for leisure and take a firm resolve to improve your choices.
  • Your happiness will not be lessened by dropping futile amusements in favour of cultured ones, and your prudence will be strengthened in doing so. button Protection Status

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