Building Catholic Character in Students: Develop Your Mind through Study

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Five: Develop Your Mind through Study.

  • Study is intent concentration, of all the faculties, on a problem in order to fully comprehend.
  • From the Latin studium meaning eagerness.
  • Eagerness of the will must underpin all study.
  • The world is full of intellectual laziness.
  • Man wants to get along with as little study as possible, jumping to conclusions and seeking information by shortcuts.
  • For the lazy, intent concentration is beyond them.
  • But to really solve a problem, study must be driven by a trained will, memory and imagination.
  • Great men have tremendous study capacity due to great concentration, attention and decision.
  • They have great balance of heart, will and intelligence allowing them to will strongly, feel tenderly, decide vigorously and carefully.
  • Any slipping in these areas destroys greatness.
  • Intelligence guides action, the will moves it and the feelings ensure study is done with love for humanity in the true sense.
  • Men seem more to have good hearts than good heads, and so error comes from ignorance not malice.
  • Those who apply themselves to study in an unbiased way, will gain far more real success than those who either slur over study, or those who try and doggedly achieve without intelligence.
  • The intellect can be trained for the good.
  • The successful reflect, think deeply and accurately.
  • They weigh both sides of arguments using their intellect.
  • Unthinking people often complain that the highest earners do the least work.
  • Manual subordinated work may mean longer hours but thinking work, requires great responsibility: that man is paid for critical decisions.
  • The man who has the faculty for concentration and study will succeed, so learn to study.
  • Examine all problems with fairness.
  • Avoid jumping at decisions and put away conjecture.
  • Use reason and cultivate the habit of serious thought.
  • Success will flow from clear, strong, sure intellect, not feelings or half-truths. button Protection Status

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