Building Catholic Character in Students: Distinguish between True Good and False Good

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Distinguish between True Good and False Good .

  • Always seek good in what you do, being mindful to distinguish between the worthwhile and worthless.
  • Success in life is only attained when a person seeks the truly good things.
  • Knowing what is truly good and what is truly false can only be learned by reason of faith.
  • By acting with reason, a person can be sure that the faith will guide them on the true path, when choices have to be made.
  • There are times when we have to choose between two apparent good propositions.
  • By reason we will choose the one that has a long lasting effect on our happiness and character formation, rather than that which may offer immediate pleasure but short term satisfaction.
  • Reason will guide us on safe paths. Our conscience will instinctively warn us to turn to reason in times of danger. Listen to it when it calls.
  • The person who chooses the allure of pleasure over self conquest, abandons reason and pushes success further from his reach.
  • God presents us with choices every day that will help or hinder our salvation. Often the seemingly most mundane or worthless hold the treasures of true goodness.
  • Man must continually seek true good through his everyday choices so that his reason is strengthened and his passions subdued.
  • When impulse tempts us to succumb to the false goods of the world, we must resist and resolve to shed reason and faith on whatever decisions we propose to take.
  • In that way we will successfully navigate between true good and false good, more often than not. button Protection Status

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