Building Catholic Character in Students: Have confidence in yourself

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Thirty-One: Have confidence in yourself.

  • Confidence is a state that everyone should possess, lying midway between the vices of timidity and overconfidence.
  • Success in life depends on confidence.
  • Confidence vitalises and strengthens the heart and cheers the soul.
  • The overconfident often fail by relying on natural ability rather than industry.
  • Likewise the timid often fail because they lack the strength to start. Often men will fail because they expect themselves to.
  • Success lies in the correct attitude. Under or over confidence hampers a man in careful preparation and execution of his plans.
  • Some men have been gifted with the spirit of confidence but they must still bring this under control and recognise that these attributes come from God.
  • Those endowed with self-confidence must take care not to allow it to degenerate into presumptuousness or overconfidence.
  • Even the most talented have to toil tirelessly towards success, as there are no guarantees of attaining it.
  • Men with lesser ability have often trumped their more talented neighbours by hard work and determination.
  • Choice of occupation makes a difference in this regard. A person who aims beyond their capacity, or takes a job that they are temperamentally unsuitable for, stands to fail.
  • Self confidence is rooted in the will, being fortified against the capriciousness of feelings.
  • Criticism must be used to our advantage so as to strengthen and not weaken our confidence.
  • Continual practice in any art or occupation builds confidence.
  • Doubt naturally comes to those who have been untested in their field, but confidence can dissolve those doubts when a man does his best to practice and prepare for whatever task he has ahead.
  • Having the courage to firstly do proper preparation and secondly take action is the foundation for self confidence and success. button Protection Status

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