Building Catholic Character in Students: Learn from Mistakes and Failures

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Six: Learn from Mistakes and Failures.

  • He who profits from his errors is he who will earn success in life.
  • Discouragement from foolishness is a mistake.
  • Disregarding mistakes is equally foolish.
  • Wisdom is wrought by learning from and avoiding mistakes, in the future.
  • When taking up a task be careful not to repeat previous errors.
  • Learn from every error.
  • In life you will meet all manner of persons.
  • Avoid dullards who repeat mistakes and care for nothing.
  • Avoid dogged self determined folk who never admit mistakes, nor profit from them.
  • Avoid the discouraged who have lain down under their mistakes, for want of courage.
  • Then you have the brave and the wise, who learn constantly.
  • They learn more from their failures than their successes.
  • They guard against discouragement, fear and self blindness.
  • They avoid the mistakes of today by remembering the mistakes of yesterday.
  • They use the mistakes of today, to make the work of tomorrow, more excellent in the sight of God and man.
  • They become the best citizens, best friends and do not let life’s inevitable disappointments sour them.
  • They learn by experience, day by day,  year by year.
  • Being sincere with yourself requires real courage and honesty.
  • Some men deceive themselves their whole lives by failing to face up to their mistakes.
  • The most dangerous deception is self-deception.
  • Those who fail to acknowledge their shortcomings can never grow.
  • The youth need in particular to develop a habit of sincerity and frankness in judging their own character.
  • You can learn much from others about your own character weaknesses.
  • If you anger another by a fault, they illuminate you by their frank outbursts, so learn from them.
  • Even excessive comments that are driven by anger may hold some grain of truth.
  • Carefully consider rebukes. If they are really untruthful, disregard them.
  • But if they shed any light on your character defects, welcome them and learn.
  • Success in life requires honest reflection so that you may profit and improve.
  • By acknowledging mistakes, you learn, so that errors will be atoned and they are no longer a cause of shame and regret.
  • Admitted character defects that you have corrected, are a credit to you.
  • But unrepresented errors, not atoned for, not profited by, will rise up to shame you.
  • To err is human, but we cooperate with God by learning from them to build a noble character. button Protection Status

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