Building Catholic Character in Students: Learn to do without Nonessentials

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Fourteen: Learn to do with Nonessentials.

  • Leaving things undone and passing up on things can sometimes be just as vital to our success as doing things.
  • For success, you have to give up much of what is nonessential.
  • There is wisdom in knowing what to give up.
  • Many people lose the important things in trying to hold onto the nonessential.
  • For example, many youth who start their professional lives with courses of study often go off track when presented with amusements, friendships and romance.
  • But professional success demands consistent focus to achieve what is necessary and the nonessential have to be sacrificed until less taxing times.
  • The young person who is able to discern what to forego is likely to succeed where others fail.
  • Nowadays there are a multitude of occupations and amusements that vie for ones time but he who tries to stretch himself across to many areas risks his health and success.
  • Making a self examination of yourself in what you have to quit to ensure success is vital, lest you become one who never finishes what they start.
  • This strategy can be used in all areas of a person’s life.
  • Reading for example is a requirement for real success, but unless it is planned and consistently done, it becomes nothing more than unprofitable browsing of useless purposeless material.
  • Only around one in ten men who resolve to take up a reading plan, succeed. The others only wish for but don’t do the necessary to attain it.
  • Nowadays leisure and amusement is big business. It is important for the wise young man and woman to avoid the worthless and the evil amusements that are on offer.
  • The majority of Humankind is unfortunately like sheep, following trashy amusements that require no imagination or intellect to mention.
  • It leaves the mind and body weaker.
  • To choose the right amusements means to give up the indifferent ones.
  • The same can be said of friendships and associates.
  • To choose the right sort of friend you must avoid the wrong sort.
  • The weak consort with those who they know are not worthy of anyone’s friendship, leaving two bad consequences.
  • The first consequence is that their own good manners are corrupted.
  • The second consequence is that worthy friends begin to avoid them.
  • Break of these unworthy friendships as nonessential to your success.
  • Practice the virtue of sacrificing non-essentials and make it a habit that will bolster your character.
  • This act will grow you in judiciousness and will sharpen the intellect.
  • It will be one of the most precious and practical elements of building a solid character. button Protection Status

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