Building Catholic Character in Students: Maintain a Healthy Mind

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-Three: Maintain a Healthy Mind.

  • A healthy mind is more important than a healthy body.
  • Rather to have a healthy mind and an ailing body than a diseased mind in a healthy body.
  • Just as there are rules for a healthy body so there are for a healthy mind.
  • Our mental food must be as nutritionally good as bodily food.
  • As we come across food for our minds we must make sure we only digest that what is not evil.
  • Avoid evil proliferated in immoral books and theories. The authors of these evils are worse than murders as they kill not the body but the soul.
  • Take similar precautions when you come across conversations that are not elevated and pure. Do not let the mind dwell on such things.
  • As corporal nutrition must be balanced, so must mental nutrition.
  • Ensure that the intellectual food one feasts upon takes in a broad range of academic areas and interests including art, literature and science.
  • Besides these mental foods, your mind needs mental exercise too.
  • A variety of interests will force your mind to work in different ways: learn another language, a musical instrument, attend a debating class.
  • A change is as good as a rest, and this applies chiefly to the mind. A change of mental scenery like a good book, a friendly conversation with a friend can rest the mind wonderfully.
  • But keep a watch on whom you talk to and what you talk about. A healthy conversation with a good person should always be the aim.
  • In conditioning ones mind in this way, the person will continue to grow in nobleness. button Protection Status

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