Building Catholic Character in Students: Persevere in Noble Pursuits.

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Four: Persevere in noble pursuits.

  • Courage is a dogged determination to keep going.
  • The way to succeed is to press on, through thick and thin, ever moving forward.
  • The victors are those who keep trying, persevering.
  • Discouragement is the fatal enemy of success.
  • If you don’t know you’re beaten, you’re not beaten.
  • Defeat has no power over you then.
  • Those who persevere keep coming back after each fall, stronger each time.
  • But if you give in to despair you really are beaten, despite all of the remaining potential within you.
  • The army that perseveres wins.
  • In the struggle for the greatness that you have the potential for, this is priceless knowledge.
  • Keep at it and successes is yours.
  • Prudence moderates your drive.
  • Headlong charges seldom bring success.
  • Rather, a continual campaign, sometimes intermittent, is better.
  • Progress is marked by effort not immediate success.
  • Perseverance, from the Latin per-severus, meaning through-strict, means being hard with yourself sometimes.
  • The hardest fight is within.
  • If you’re strong enough and strict enough to push on, you can and will persevere.
  • External circumstances rarely dictate success: it is weakness and changeableness that do your chances the greatest damage.
  • Be sure that your fight is worth fighting for.
  • Don’t waste acts of perseverance on unworthy objects.
  • It’s like paying in real gold for fool’s gold.
  • Be prudent and examine goals for their true worth, or prepare for regret.
  • Many lose more on unworthy perseverance than they gain.
  • Many young people chase glory but find the effort was folly and that they were deceived.
  • Others pursue pleasure as an end and become morally wretched.
  • Pleasure is not an end but a passing reward to encourage us on the way to our goals.
  • The wise person will rather pursue virtue and uprightness: the snares of honour, wealth and pleasure being shunned as ends in themselves.
  • Real happiness is achieved that way.
  • The reward for perseverance is right living, justice and kindness. button Protection Status

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