Building Catholic Character in Students: Resist Temptations

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-Five: Resist Temptations.

  • Is is said that the difference between an upright man and a rascal is that although both struggle with temptations, the former resists whilst the latter yields.
  • Often the best characters have the greater temptations, yet in their heroic struggles, they forge strength and resolve to win the battles.
  • Having temptations allows us to effectively shape our character for the better, and so see temptation as an opportunity for victory.
  • Do not be disheartened by the severity of temptations, so long as one stands determined to resist and conquer them.
  • Temptations are part of our nature and people only differ in how well they fight them.
  • The particular temptations one is assailed with often indicates a person’s character.
  • Weak characters are lead to yield to others and may follow bad example.
  • Strong characters may be tempted to tyrannise and domineer unjustly.
  • Personal character reflection will turn up the predominant fault which leads to the evil a person demonstrates, yet by practising the opposite virtue, a person can protect themselves from it successfully.
  • For example a scheming person can practice silence and generosity of spirit to fight the temptation to backbite and plot against others.
  • Success only comes through practice and effort but the peace of mind it brings makes it worthwhile.
  • Remember that temptation only offers short term gratification, but undermines long term happiness.
  • Every time one yields to temptation it is akin to weakening a moral fibre in their inner strength.
  • Continually surrendering to evil dissolves the ability to fight effectively.
  • Only when one consciously resolves to resist, can they build moral muscle again.
  • Many of these temptations come from within but some of the worst come from friends or family.
  • People like others to act like themselves, for good or bad.
  • Those who yield to evil often try to enmesh others, like the drunk who encourages excessive drinking in those around them. All vices work this way.
  • Therefore choosing upright associates is vital in remaining upright.
  • One’s life is a continual struggle to overcome weakness and the nobility is forged in the courage and persistence to win the daily battles.
  • Committing to the fight brings peace of mind and inner harmony and a greater chance to score continual victories in life’s struggles. button Protection Status

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