Building Catholic Character in Students: See and Imitate the Good in Others

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Seven: See and Imitate the Good in Others.

  • We all imitate others to a degree by impulse.
  • The impulse to copy and follow, both in good and bad, begins as a child.
  • But now that you are older, you can choose what to imitate.
  • Those choices will largely form your character and destiny.
  • Gathering only the good from others will help you flourish.
  • Imitation without thought will accentuate your faults.
  • Judging men’s qualities rightly, is vital.
  • Do not be deceived by appearances and wrong standards of conduct.
  • Some show specious false characters at first, but their personality has no substance.
  • Others don’t initially impress, but they improve on acquaintance.
  • They wear well and have fine hearts, solid characters, good minds and consistent principles.
  • Imitate those folk, not the self idolising show-offs.
  • Many youth have wrecked their lives or wasted great years imitating charlatans.
  • All humans have good in them; imitate only that what is good in a person.
  • Make notes of the good qualities in others and imitate them with constant practice.
  • By imitating all the good in others you build towards the ideal character.
  • By imitating all the bad in others you build towards a sort of monster.
  • Imitating the good brings forth your weaknesses for contrast and alteration.
  • By free will, be humble and copy the good in others, whilst avoiding envy.
  • Envy is the hideous vice of seeing good in others and detesting it.
  • Multiply the goodness in others by imitating their qualities.
  • Do not think that you cannot imitate a particular good in another.
  • Persistence and discipline to acquire the quality, will be the measure of your success.
  • Acquire these qualities from the living and from history, like the saints.
  • A love of reading is a blessing which can connect you with the best spirits in history.
  • In ordinary life, it is difficult see the best in people, as they may conceal through humility.
  • The beauty of reading, is that the goodness of people is revealed to us faithfully at once.
  • See the good in all people, not just those of your community or country.
  • Avoid excessive nationalism or xenophobia, rather see the good in other nations.
  • In learning another language you get further opportunities to emulate good qualities in others.
  • Human nature is a garden of exquisite flowers. Pick the best to form a beautiful bouquet of fine personality; one that will bring colour and fragrance to others. button Protection Status

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