Building Catholic Character in Students: Strengthen Your Will

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Nineteen: Strengthen your will.

  • You may never have reflected upon it before, but you are aware that you are free to choose between good and evil.
  • Despite influences, reasons and persuasions of others, you know that you determine your own courses of action.
  • When you do wrong or good, the correspondent feelings like guilt or satisfaction you derive from the act is linked to a sense of responsibility.
  • Involuntary acts do not confer these same feelings.
  • The voluntary choices we make come from the power of our free will.
  • Free will is the master of our conscious self.
  • You are conscious of your intellectual and spiritual life that is above that of animals.
  • Animals on the other hand have no free will, acting from impulse and instinct, without reason.
  • They do not advance intellectually as man does.
  • Man has free will and has free choice to determine his own destiny.
  • Although man also has impulse, instinct and is a creature of habit, he is not controlled by them absolutely.
  • A man can always break free from his present and past habits and change his conduct.
  • Your will can at any time change your character for good or evil.
  • By choosing the good, noble and upright you strengthen the will.
  • By yielding to evil choices you undermine the will.
  • The will responds well to exercise: strengthen it by taking resolutions to improve your way of life.
  • The will strengthens best with smaller more consistent exercises, corresponding to daily acts of goodness that are small but powerful.
  • This consistent exercise of the will prepares it for the greater challenges it will have to face.
  • Without prior preparation, the will may not be conditioned to repel evil when it presents itself as a choice.
  • Form the habit of everyday good acts of will as habits are difficult to break.
  • Experience shows that even the most weak willed man can become the strongest and most determined person.
  • The wills of those suffocated in bad habits can throw off those evils at any time and replace them with virtue.
  • That transformation from evil to good is not easy but it is certain, provided the person starts to make disciplined choices consistently and with determination. button Protection Status

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