Building Catholic Character in Students: Strive for lasting Success

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Two: Strive for lasting success.

  • What is success?
  • Many want it but fail because they don’t understand it.
  • A successful life is one that achieves it’s purpose.
  • It is a happy one despite suffering and difficulty, for happiness and pleasure are not the same.
  • Some have pleasure but remain unhappy, whilst others have little pleasure but are happy and content.
  • The purpose of this life is to serve God and do your duty to man whilst making the most of serving others by living virtuously, being happy and obedient to our duties.
  • Some think success is the building of wealth, but they are wrong.
  • Money is only a means to an end, and although it is important to live decently and support your family, love of money can corrupt and produce great evil.
  • Some of the wealthiest people have been the greatest failures.
  • However some of the greatest successes have had little material wealth but were rich in principle in their devotion to duty.
  • Success is not about attaining honour our reputation, for worldly honour is not in the person themselves, but in how they are perceived by others.
  • Honour does not bring happiness.
  • Many have left notes of disappointment in their memoirs, though honoured by the world.
  • The same applies to power and influence.
  • Many attain great worldly heights yet fail like Napoleon.
  • Success depends on leading a virtuous and upright life, serving God and doing one’s duty.
  • That is the only thing that leads to happiness here and hereafter.
  • Time is short.
  • Scorn delights and live laborious days.
  • You may have to forgo some friends and pleasures but your conscious and your duty will guide you to happiness. button Protection Status

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