Building Catholic Character in Students: Take Care of your Body

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-Two: Take Care of your Body.

  • You should wish to have a strong and healthy body, not out of vanity, but as a suitable dwelling place for your spirit.
  • Having good health helps us to fulfil our own duties to both ourselves and others.
  • The key is to avoid the extremes: on the one hand, not caring for your physical health, and on the other hand, focusing too much upon it.
  • A preoccupation with health will make a person morbid: health is only a means to an end, not an end in itself.
  • This preoccupation with health will conjure up imaginary diseases and will likely lead to anxiety or worse, actual illness.
  • The essentials of health are quite simple.
  • Exercise outdoors, eat fresh substantial food, get plenty of rest and sleep, drink lots of water and get plenty of fresh air.
  • All of these should be maintained in balance without getting too much or too little of either one.
  • Chose your recreation carefully so that it complements your health, not ruin it.
  • Adopting a cheerful , kindly and alert mental outlook is conducive to good health whilst strain, worry and selfishness tend towards ill-health.
  • The life of a Catholic full of faith, hope and charity towards both God and man is mentally uplifting and rewarding to ones health, in body and spirit.
  • There is a clear correlation between a healthy mind and body.
  • The way in which a person treats their body in their youth, will be visited upon them in their old age for good or ill.
  • Abuses to ones health may not be immediately apparent in ones youth, but will be harvested in later years.
  • For overall success in life, good health is vital.
  • The weak and sickly person often struggles and is at a great disadvantage to others, despite calling on fortitude of spirit and determination.
  • Those who are constitutionally weak must not despair in their physical trials, but should see an opportunity for heroic achievement by triumphing over physical hurdles.
  • But for the strong and healthy, be mindful to preserve your strength and vitality and take reasonable care to use it for good purpose.
  • Good health is always called upon in the strenuous and tiring race towards worthy achievement. button Protection Status

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