Building Catholic Character in Students: The last word

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: The last word.

Last week, I posted the final instalment in the thirty-two week series of chapter summaries of The Catholic Book of Character and Success by Edward Garesché that I had started back in September 2016.

You can find all of the chapter summaries and book details on this page.

When I first read this book, I was taken aback by the sheer powerful simplicity of both the means and the end of such a noble idea.

This idea I encourage you to share with your colleagues, students and families. Building character is a life long task that can be accomplished through our daily activities and interaction with others.

I hope this series has been useful to you and will be useful in the future for those souls under your care.

Please consider buying some copies for your schools, friends or families through this link as the small emolument provides funds to meet the costs of running this site. Thank you. Protection Status

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