Building Catholic Character in Students: Use criticism Prudently

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The Catholic Book of Character and Success: Chapter Notes

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Use criticism Prudently.

  • Criticism is a bitter pill to swallow but when it is used well it is far better for us than praise.
  • Like the best remedies, criticism must be genuine, for the good and served discreetly.
  • Those who will not put criticism to the test of reason are not just.
  • Criticism can be spontaneous but often the best feedback comes from discrete and wise friends, for most friends are inclined to speak only favourably, whilst enemies incline to the unfavourable.
  • Generally, others are better judges of ourselves. Most people are in fact decent judges of other people put poor judges of themselves.
  • Criticism comes to us in words and deeds.
  • Sometimes a suppressed criticism will erupt towards us in a display of anger and emotion from another person.
  • When this happens, it is best not to return the anger but ask ourselves with reason, is there any truth within the remarks?
  • Thus it is much better to start with the knowledge that we have faults and therefore strive to eradicate them, than to foolishly wonder if we have any at all.
  • Along with the spontaneous criticisms that come to us from time to time, we ought to seek them out from those wise friends who are truly fit to offer good counsel.
  • Even still, turn over any advice to reason, even that from the wisest of friends, before acting upon it.
  • Reason is like a light that illuminates the path towards success, but reason that comes from within is far better than that from without, for in strengthening our reasoning skills, we bolster our judgement.
  • Just as we are not truly surprised by praise, so should we not be surprised by criticism, and learn therefore to expect it and not be demoralised by it.
  • A man can learn from the appreciation that he is afforded in daily life as it will correspond closely with his character.
  • However there are many cases where the good are not appreciated whilst the wicked continue malevolently.
  • The golden rule is to bring reason to your aid in searching for our own defects first and foremost, before we blame others.
  • Learning how to deal with the subject of criticism is immensely important and a critical element of a man’s success in life. button Protection Status

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