Fr. Edward Leen CSSP: What is Education? (Part Two)


Yesterday I posted the first of three articles on an understanding of what education is. These posts originate in notes I had previously written during a professional development conference.

As mentioned in part one the notes are based on the spiritual writings of Fr. Edward Leen CSSP.

What is Education? (part two)

Mental energy is expended on problems. To look for answers, the person needs the tools of a proper education, to make informed decisions.

There are a multitude of views on what education is. Some expect education to train a student in a particular field, others see education as the training of character and will, whilst others see education as the training of the intellect for a future career.

No theory is sound if the end is not set out. That end is to know God, love God, serve God.

How do we know, as educators, if we have been successful in educating our students? We will know this by the fruits of the young adult.

The main principle is the correct formation of the intellect so that students can be receptive to the truth.

Truth makes the intellect healthy whilst falsehood makes the intellect sick and faulty. For instance, good literature expresses the noble truths.

The good Will is fundamental to the good life. The exemplary effort and example of the teacher is profoundly important in the formation of students, much as the parent is at home.

Being truthful involves looking beyond the veneer of a character. Teachers must lead by example i.e. look at what I do, rather than what I say I do.

Therefore it is logical that a Liberal Education, rather than a Vocational Education is always best to begin with.

Any system of Education, without the end is mind is faulty.

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