Saint of the Day: St Pantaleon – 27th July

St Pantaleon

Saint of the Day: St Pantaleon



HE was physician to the Emperor Galerius Maximianus, and a Christian, but fell by a temptation which is sometimes more dangerous than the severest trials of the fiercest torments; for bad example, if not shunned, insensibly weakens, and at length destroys the strongest virtue.


Pantaleon being perpetually obsessed by it in an impious idolatrous court, and deceived by often hearing the false maxims of the world applauded, was unhappily seduced into an apostacy. But a zealous Christian called Hermolaus, by his prudent admonitions awakened his conscience to a sense of his guilt, and brought him again into the fold of the Church.


The penitent ardently wished to expiate his crime by martyrdom; and to prepare himself for the conflict, when Dioclesian’s bloody persecution broke out at Nicomedia in 303, he distributed all his possessions among the poor.


Not long after this action he was taken up, and in his house were also apprehended Hermolaus, Hermippus, and Hermocrates. After suffering many torments they were all condemned to lose their heads. St. Pantaleon suffered the day after the rest. He is ranked by the Greeks amongst the great martyrs.

Reflection: Happy are they in that profession who improve their study chiefly to glorify the supreme Creator, whose infinite power and wisdom are displayed in all his works; and who, by the opportunities of charity which their art continually offers them.

Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. ed. [1894] Protection Status

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