Smart Catholic Teacher


Smart Catholic Teacher

Becoming a smart teacher involves much more than just turning up for the job, right? In schools and colleges there are always those teachers who stand out from the crowd.

It may be something in the way they dress, the way they interact with their colleagues, the results they get with their students, how organised they seem, how knowledgeable they are, how enthusiastic they look or how positive they always seem to be.

No matter what it is that makes them stand head and shoulders above their peers, you can be absolutely sure that they haven’t winged it: behind that teacher is a whole load of hard work, professional learning, trial and error, highs and lows, and lots and of lots of hours getting it right.

However the rewards for such commitment are enormous. Smart teachers are more relaxed, self assured, knowledgeable, approachable, successful. They get better results with their students. They are identified by school communities as reliable, professional and trustworthy.

Smart teachers are more than likely to be identified for promotion and they are more often than not included in strategic planning within schools.

So how do you become a smart teacher? Well it takes a lot more than a university degree and and a classroom. Unfortunately, as soon as some teachers get that job they wanted, they default to exactly that: doing a job rather than living a vocation. Our Catholic students deserve the very best teachers in front of them, so we need to get serious about what exactly we are doing.

So you may have already guessed, this is all about professional and personal growth. If you teach history, do you read widely in your subject? If you teach Maths are you constantly seeking new and challenging problems that you can learn from to impart some new insight to your class? Do you keep yourself fit? Do you listen to podcasts on education, on the Catholic Faith, on your subject area? The areas of growth are endless.

But it’s an inescapable fact that if you want to deliver the best to your students you have to have a well rounded approach to your whole teaching practice, so this blog will be doing just that too.

I’m really glad you’ve taken the time to read this and if you liked it please share it. Stick around for regular content that will explore those areas where we can excel in professional and personal growth. God bless. Protection Status

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