Teachers and Social Media

social-media and teachers

In a previous role, I had the honour of being an employee representative for both Teachers and Principals.

Occasionally the thorny issue of Social Media misuse would surface when a teacher would cross the line of proper professional conduct.

Unfortunately many, otherwise good teachers, have ruined their reputations, career prospects and even their jobs on moments of social media madness.

So having observed and listened to teacher Social Media regrets and recriminations over the years, I list for you a few bullet points worth squirrelling away for future reference.

Don’t befriend students. (immediate family aside)

Don’t communicate with students through social media.

Don’t befriend parents. (immediate family aside)

Always have the strictest privacy settings.

Assume that everything you post is public and permanent.

Never post anything derogatory concerning a school, parent, student, religion, country, anything!

If you must have social media for teaching, have a separate personal and professional one.

Don’t drink and post.

…and finally,

Occasionally remind yourself of why you use social media.

Is it making you a better teacher?

Does it lead you to occasions of sin?

Does it stop you from having real conversations with people?

Is it likely to help you or more likely to hinder you?

Does it give you more time or waste time?

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