Teaching Mnemonics in the Classroom


Memorisation was once recognised as a tool of the utmost importance in the sphere of learning. The Ancients knew this and made it a standard prerequisite for educating themselves.

St Augustine of Hippo in Book X of his Confessions says…

“”And I come to the fields and spacious palaces of my memory, where are the treasures of innumerable images, brought into it from things of all sorts perceived by the senses.””

St Augustine refers here to a beautiful technique in mnemonics called The Memory Palace.

You might introduce this idea to your students. Some are bound, through curiosity or better, enthusiasm, to give it a go.

I say this because some of them will see the beauty and efficiency of memorisation when learned properly.

Whether it is the The Memory Palace or the Major system, give them the introduction to mnemonics proper that children deserve.

When carefully integrated into a scholar’s arsenal, closed book exams become open book exams. Anxiety melts away to confidence.

The benefits are enormous.

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