The Weekend Recap



Looking through the past week, I was pleased to be able to offer some variety in the articles that I have posted on the blog.

We are always looking for some new ideas or angles to enhance our practice, so I hope the topic on planning and the other on getting organised, helped you in some way to think about how go about your business.

It was a bit of fun writing an anecdote on timely feedback on student assessment. Stories have the power to paint the most illustrative of pictures.

In addition, I hope my thoughts on visiting The Blessed Sacrament made sense to you. Try putting this into practice this week perhaps.

And finally, my book review considered a beautiful work that can only enhance a teacher’s apostolate in their school. Books, truly are life changing mediums. So here is the weekend recap…

FAQ: Do I need to plan if my School has existing units of work?

Getting Organised: Setting up a System

Visits to The Blessed Sacrament

Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote

Book Review: Teacher and Teaching

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless.

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