The Weekend Recap


How did your week go at school? Over here on the digital super-highway (is that what they call it!?) the blog has published a few more articles with the Catholic teacher in mind.

In fact three of this week’s articles have the word ‘Catholic’ in the title, so that must be a good thing!

On Monday we revisited the area of planning. It’s an area of our practice that can make or break teachers, so it’s good to pay attention to this field.

Many teachers will be waking up today, slowly recovering from ‘Book Week’. ๐Ÿ™‚ So to keep in with the bookish flavour of things, on Tuesday we had a look at some solid Catholic publishers and on Friday we assessed a book on collegial interactions.

On Wednesday I revisited the importance of Catholic teachers in Catholic schools. Thursday was a little bit different, a review of sorts, this time dissecting an important study on what drives teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

Without further delay, here is the weekend recap…

The Catholic Classroom Environment

3 Top Catholic Publishers

5 Reasons Why Good Catholic Teachers are Indispensable to Catholic Schools

The 2 Most Important Factors that Great Teachers Demonstrate to Improve Results.

Book Review: Interactions, Collaboration Skills for School Professionals

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless.

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