The Weekend Recap



Last weekend I mentioned we were commencing a 32 week series on the excellent Fr. Garesche book The Catholic Book of Character and Success.

We started that on Monday and God willing we will start each week with a review of every chapter. See the full book review here.

The reading theme continued this week on Tuesday with a look at an article exploring the dangers of books like Harry Potter, to young minds.

On Wednesday, I explored a just-released report of Teacher Workload issues, this time from Australia. Check it out: it makes interesting reading.

My own personal reading helped stimulate Thursday’s post on the need to challenge our students in the classroom, to build fine students of moral fibre.

Finally on Friday, we had our usual book review, this time a perennial favourite of mine, Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. I have included links to free teaching packs and other resources, so if you haven’t introduced this novel to your class yet, now is the time.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless.

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