The Weekend Recap


How did your week go? I hope it was a good one. Over here it has been a busy week or two. I have been working on a variety of topics to read and share. The underlying theme remains one of personal, professional and spiritual growth. In case you missed any here is a list of what has been recently posted…

10 Top Tips for Becoming an Organised Teacher (in 3 parts)

5 Tips for Using your Voice as an effective Behaviour Management tool

Four marks of the Catholic teacher

The First Behaviour Management Trick I ever used as a Teacher

One great strategy for planning a unit of work

10 Must Read Catholic Novels

How my Reading Productivity went through the roof

5 Tips for Dealing with Complaints as a Teacher

Finally, it’s the weekend! So make sure you get plenty of down time, have some fun, recharge your batteries. God bless.

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