The Young Man of Character: Bishop Tihamer Toth

Having recently completed our chapter by chapter look into The Catholic Book of Character and Success by Edward Garesché, it’s time to turn to another Catholic Classic on character development.

This time our new material comes from Bishop Tihamer Toth, a Hungarian priest who wrote 22 books in the first half of the 20th Century.

The Young Man of Character is certainly another classic and is another guide to building solid foundations in our youth. The lessons within are timeless and are sure to benefit our youth today as it did in the last century.

Unlike the The Catholic Book of Character and Success by Fr. Edward Garesché, this book does not have shorter quick read chapters, but is organised into three distinct parts…

  • Who is the young man of Character?
  • Obstacles of Character formation.
  • The means of forming character.

This book contains valuable wisdom on the formation of young men and is a great resource for teachers who educate students in the more senior years of schooling.

I mean to cover these in three posts in the usual Monday blog slot by way of review by summary.

Angelus Press have produced a recent edition of this work which is highly recommended. It is available both in print and digital format.

Part One here. Protection Status

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