Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote


Timely Assessment Feedback and Reporting: An Anecdote

So year 10, if you put down your work and give me your attention, thanks.”

I had their attention. They knew their assignment marks were due back to them as I had given them prior notice of a reasonable marking turnaround.

Okay, so I will come around the class handing the assignments face down to you. I have made comments on all your papers, which are there to help you understand your marks and how to improve your score next time.

Read these comments carefully and I can discuss them with you either in class or afterwards by appointment.”

For the next few minutes the class reverberated with a mixture of sighs, gasps, groans and squeals of delight or dismay as students found out their overall exam grade.

However, rather than descend into chaos, the class progressed from anxiety contortions to quietly noting the comments made on their work; taking time to read the summary I had written of their endeavours.

Five minutes or so must have passed silently, with barely any comments, or questions, which is something for a Year 10 class!

At the appropriate time I called the class to attention and made some general comments on the examination itself and what pitfalls to avoid for next time.

Any questions?” before we finish off, I asked.

Sir,” said one of the students, “How did you manage to get all these marked in four days?”

Oh, well that was the arrangement we had agreed.” I replied.

Yeah, I know Sir, but normally we have to harass our teachers after about a month, just to get our marks back!”

The school bell rang for end of class. The students left and as I arranged my papers, my mentor teacher, who had now returned to a paler shade of crimson, said with a sheepish grin on his face….

Well Stephen, the game’s up! How on earth, am I going to live up to those standards, now?” 😉

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