Visits to The Blessed Sacrament


I was speaking to a friend last week about the benefits teachers can derive from visits to The Blessed Sacrament.

In all of the daily struggles that we face in both our personal and professionals lives, how often do we go to Our Lord, and simply present ourselves to Him?

In my recent three part series: 35 Ideas to avoid Teacher Burnout, I mentioned the benefits of getting to an extra Mass during the week.

However not everyone can get to Mass before or after school for a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, have you considered a visit to The Blessed Sacrament? This might be a more viable option for you before or after work, during a lunch break or even on the way home.

In a recent book I reviewed, My Daily Bread, the following passage in that volume struck me…

By frequent visits I come closer to that wonderful union with God which He desires to grant me in my daily life. Each visit can bring me nearer to Him in true friendship. I need no special formula, no particular prayers, no unusual requirements. All that I need is to present myself before Him, talking if I so wish, listening if I am so disposed, or simply staying with Him. He is more interested in me than anyone else. Though I may feel very dull, He is interested in my thoughts, my desires, my needs, hopes, ambitions, efforts, and labors. My daily life is a matter of the highest importance to Him. He is glad to see me come because each visit gives Him another excuse to grant me more blessings. He is there for love of me. I ought to visit Him often for love of Him.

Of course, there are prayers and meditations that one can do, but many times I have simply presented myself, in front of the tabernacle, and shared my thoughts with Our Lord, who is truly present, there in the Blessed Sacrament.

The strength that is derived from these visits, helps us to put our trials and worries into perspective. I have always come away from such visits, better prepared to face the difficulties of life.

And it is always at these visits that feelings of peace and confidence return to me, and my I am reminded of the love Christ has for me personally.

As teachers, we must recognise the enormous support that is available to us in such visits to the tabernacle. I’ll sign off with the words of St. Peter Julian Eymard

“The shepherds – simple souls – came to adore the Infant Savior. Mary rejoiced at seeing their homage and willing offerings they made to her Jesus… How happy is the loving soul when it has found Jesus with Mary, His Mother! They who know the Tabernacle where He dwells, they who receive Him into their souls, know that His conversation is full of divine sweetness, His consolation ravishing, His peace superabundant, and the familiarity of His love and His Heart ineffable,” Protection Status

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